DAS Solar receives Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Verification from TÜV SÜD


Recently, DAS Solar announced that its high-efficiency modules have been recognized by TÜV SÜD with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Verification.


Life Cycle Assessment is a test method based on ISO 14040/ISO 14044 standards, which establishes requirements for evaluating a product's environmental impact. It involves compiling and quantifying the inputs and outputs across the entire life cycle of a product, and subsequently assessing the potential environmental impacts. DAS Solar's module products have successfully undergone the LCA verification process conducted by TÜV SÜD, offering a comprehensive representation of their environmental impact throughout their life cycle.



DAS Solar promotes innovative and intelligent solutions for eco-optimizing product lifecycles through methods such as energy recovery cycle calculations, inventory analysis, identification of energy recovery cycle reduction pathways, impact assessment, and improvement evaluation. The receipt of this LCA verification demonstrates the advanced energy management system implemented by DAS Solar throughout the entire lifecycle, encompassing raw materials, manufacturing, transportation, usage, and disposal stages. DAS Solar is committed to the development of more efficient, environmentally friendly, and low-carbon photovoltaic products while striking a balance between technological advancement and resource consumption. As a leading brand in N-type technology, DAS Solar is committed to being resource-friendly, environmentally friendly, and development-friendly. DAS Solar will continue to enhance sustainable development management through governance, objectives, strategies, and actions, thus becoming a global advocate and practitioner of sustainable development in clean energy.

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