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Founded in August 2018, DAS SOLAR CO., LTD. is a national high-tech enterprise that specializes in the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of high-efficiency solar cells, photovoltaic modules, and system applications. Additionally, DAS Solar is involved in the investment, construction, and operation of power stations, which meet the "Photovoltaic Manufacturing Industry Specification Conditions" of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and recognize as a "Future Factory" and a "Specialized, Refined, Unique, and Innovative" enterprise in Zhejiang Province. DAS Solar is also a strategic investment enterprise of state-owned companies.

DAS Solar emphasizes R&D investment and industry-university-research cooperation. R&D and professional technical personnel occupy 20% of the total employees, and the annual research and investment accounts for approximately 5% of the sales revenue. Additionally, DAS Solar has possessed and applied for over 170 patents. As a leader in N-type photovoltaic technology, DAS Solar boasts two key products (N-type modules and lightweight modules) and three series of full-scenario PV system solutions (ecological PV, urban PV, and offshore PV), which have successively been brought under the procurement directory of a number of large state-owned companies. It has also established a comprehensive sales network at home and abroad, which has introduced exported products to more than 60 countries and regions. With a production capacity of 30GW for high-efficiency cells and 30GW for high-efficiency modules set for 2023, DAS Solar has become a leading top-tier brand in the photovoltaic market.



Principal Shareholders

China Huaneng Group

  • 17GW

    cumulative installed
    solar capacity as of 2022

  • 26+GW

    expected installed
    solar capacity by 2025

  • 195Billion USD

    total assets

China Merchants Group

  • 130Billion USD

    operation revenue

  • 690Million USD

    scale of the first
    phase of fund management

  • 1584Billion USD

    total assets as
    of the end of 2021

Company Vision

Light Up Your Life




Gross Output Value


Capacity For N-Type
Cells And Modules

Industrial Layout


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