DAS Solar announces the establishment of the German branch to fuel global expansion


DAS Solar announced the official establishment of the German branch.

Recently, DAS Solar announced the official establishment of the German subsidiary. In the future, DAS Solar German subsidiary will become the center of business in European photovoltaic market, delivering high-efficiency and reliable PV products to European customers.



In recent years, affected by energy crisis, the demand for new energy in Europe has seen explosive growth. With the introduction of energy transformation policies in European countries, the overall development trend of European photovoltaic industry is positive. As a developed photovoltaic market, Germany has a leading installed capacity among the European countries, while it’s still the largest potential market in the EU. The establishment of the German subsidiary will boost the strategy of the global expansion. In 2023, DAS Solar will push into markets in Australia, Japan, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Latin America, which can consolidate and deepen footprint in the new energy sector around the world.


As a new top-tier brand in the PV industry, after four years of rapid development, DAS Solar products have been shipped over 60 countries and regions around the world. With the industry-leading N-type technology, the mass production efficiency of N-type batteries exceeds 25%, and the highest efficiency of modules exceeds 22.6%. DAS Solar has built a reputation for the excellent and reliable product performance.


The establishment of the German subsidiary, according to Mr. Liu Yong, chairman and president of DAS Solar, represents a significant achievement for the international sales network. In order to provide localized customer services including consultation, development, logistics, technical support, DAS Solar will continue to improve the local sales service system in Europe. DAS Solar will endeavor to advance the business international development process, intending to build distribution networks, power plants, and distributed projects, with the ultimate goal of creating a "zero carbon" green home for humanity and assisting in the early achievement of the "carbon neutrality" global goal.

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