DAS Solar Successfully Completed N-type 3.0 Launch Ceremony & Global Customer Event


On May 22, 2023, the highly anticipated DAS Solar N-type 3.0 Product Launch Ceremony and Global Customer Event took place in Shanghai. Over 400 industry experts and clients participated in the conference.


Mr. Liu Yong, chairman and president of DAS Solar, in his opening speech, expressed gratitude to all attendees. He underscored DAS Solar's unwavering commitment to "cooperation and win-win," emphasizing DAS Solar's dedication to driving enterprise development through technological innovation. He further reiterated the company's resolve to advance hand in hand with valued partners, fostering a spirit of collaboration and progress.



During the event, Mr. Derek Zhao, INFOLINK Consulting senior technical analyst, captivated the audience with his presentation on "High Efficiency Module Technology Route and Trend Outlook." He shed light on the growing market preference for TOPCon technology, owing to its unwavering technical stability and impressive profitability. In 2022, DAS Solar, as a top-tier brand in the N-type technology has successfully delivered gigawatt-level shipments for N-type projects.



The highlight of the event was the grand unveiling of DAS Solar's highly anticipated N-type 3.0 products. Dr. Song Dengyuan, the chief technology officer of DAS Solar, took center stage to reveal the remarkable features of these cutting-edge products. The N-type 3.0 Series adopts state-of-the-art N-type cells, boasting an exceptional average production efficiency of 25.3% and an impressive peak efficiency of 25.8%. These remarkable numbers were surpassed in laboratory tests, where the efficiency soared to an unprecedented 26.24%, setting a new world record for open-circuit voltage at an astonishing 730mV. With a power range spanning from 430W to 640W, the N-type 3.0 modules cater to diverse energy needs and signify a steadfast commitment to continuous technological innovation and the pursuit of exceptional efficiency and power.



Mr. Kollsman Chan, regional head of business development, Munich Re, presented a compelling report titled "Green Tech Solutions, Greater China." He underscored Munich Re's unwavering commitment to collaborate with N-type in the global transition to green energy and the pursuit of sustainable development, aligning with the global goal of "carbon neutrality." Furthermore, the event featured significant ceremonies for the CNAS Laboratory Certification and the SA8000 Social Responsibility System Certification, which has a commitment to quality, and social responsibility.



During the gala dinner, Mr. Martin Green, professor of the University of New South wales, director of the Australian Center for advanced photovoltaics, extended heartfelt congratulations to the DAS Solar R&D team for their remarkable achievements over a span of just over four years. He expressed deep admiration for DAS Solar's market-leading position in technology, quality, and production. In the future, the University of New South Wales will collaborate with DAS Solar on photovoltaic projects, contributing to the research and development of cell technologies.


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