The N-type modules for DAS Solar debut in Thailand


Recently, the first batch of N-type modules for DAS Solar arrived in Thailand, symbolizing 72-cell N-type module officially entering the Southeast Asian market.


Thailand is an emerging industrialized country and the second-largest economy in Southeast Asia, with a promising trend of economic growth. Thailand's abundant sunshine resources make the photovoltaic market ripe for development. According to relevant institutions, Thailand's solar installation capacity reached approximately 900MW in 2022, and commercial & industrial projects occupied nearly 750MW. Thailand's National Power Development Plan (PDP) aims to install a photovoltaic capacity of 15.6GW by 2037.



With years of experience in the photovoltaic market, QSD is a trusted distributor in Thailand and Southeast Asia. They provide efficient products and quality services to local and the surrounding market. Through the cooperation, DAS Solar and QSD have jointly opened up the Thai and Southeast Asian markets.



Recently, the open circuit voltage of TOPCon 3.0 plus voltage (Voc) was up to 730mV, setting the world record for the highest open-circuit voltage achieved by a TOPCon cell. As a leader in N-type PV technology, DAS Solar has introduced high-quality and efficient products and solutions to more than 60 countries and regions, which is committed to developing the global energy structure and sustainability for a low-carbon future.

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