N-type black thru bifacial module debuts in Australia


Recently, DAS Solar launch an N-type black thru bifacial module and made its debut in the Australian market. As the first global launch, the N-type black thru module crossed the equator from the northern to the southern hemisphere, exuding impressive black N-type energy.


Australia's got the most abundant light resources in the world, which makes it a hotbed for PV market expansion. As the world moves towards renewable energy, PV installations in Australia have been booming, particularly in the residential PV market, putting the country in the top ten of the global PV market.


The N-type black thru module features TOPCon 3.0 solar cell from DAS Solar, which delivers high power generation. Not only does the black design blend in seamlessly with building aesthetics, but it also delivers top-notch functionality and visual appeal. The N-type black thru module is even more advanced on weight load/m2 due to the lightweight double-glass structure. The lightweight design further brings with the advantage of easy transportation and reduces the potential labor cost. This type of module ensures a perfect match for rooftop projects. The backsheet prevents moisture from penetrating and thus improves the product's reliability and durability. In addition, the module has achieved multiple certifications, including thresher testing at three times the IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 levels, ammonia and salt mist corrosion testing according to IEC 62716 and IEC 61701 and PID testing to IEC 62804-1 standard. The product is covered by a 15-year product and a 30-year power warranty.



Achievers Energy Group expressed great pleasure in collaborating with DAS Solar on N-type modules and looked forward to successful cooperation in the Australian market.“DAS Solar is partnering with Achievers Energy Group to jointly explore the Australian market.”Said Liu Yong, chairman and CEO of DAS Solar. “In order to better serve the local market, DAS Solar is preparing to establish a branch in Australia. After setting up the German branch, DAS Solar will expand internationally to reach more regions with PV markets, dedicated to providing global customers with more cost-effective, clean, and dependable green energy solutions to customers.”



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